My Specialties

I love photographing people. Plain and simple. Everybody has a story to tell, and I love the challenge of showing that story through the photographs that I take. Whether it be a High School senior that has the world as his playgorund. Or a couple that has just been engaged, and want to share their happiness with their family and friends. Portrait Photography presents different types of challenges for a photographer. Learning to adjust and be flexible are characteristics that help a photographer make beautiful photos. I have learned to embrace this and know that every client is different, and have different expectations. I have developed my own style that is shown through my photos. I consider my style of photography as a blend between photojournalistic and traditional portraitrature. I prefer natural light photography and only use flash when necessary to enhance the existing light. This technique produces a more natural appearance and a better representation of the moment. As a pre-school teacher here in DeLand, I have developed an affinity for young children and love the candid interactions that can be captured on film. I try to pull that youthful exuberance out of all my clients, young and old, through my witty personality and charm.


Communication is Key

I believe that thorough communication is essential in any photographic adventure. As my client, it is important for you to be given the opportunity to express your desires and expectations, so that I can plan the shoot accordingly. Prior to our photo shoot, I will contact you to learn specifics regarding:

  • Your Personality
  • Your family’s personalities
  • Your preference in style (photojournalistic vs. traditional)
  • Anything that you feel is relevant to help me better understand your expectations



Rest assured that although I am not a full time professional photographer, I offer the equivalent in professionalism. I use only top of the line Nikon DSLR cameras, Nikon Lenses, and Nikon flash heads to produce high resolution digital images. See My Gear List if you’re interested in all the techie stuff like my husband. In addition, all images are processed using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. All images are immediately copied and stored redundantly at my home in DeLand, FL and at an off-site location.